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Overview of smart water systems

Smart water system, that is, the municipal water network flow data collection and monitoring system, is specially designed for the water service flow system, which is stable and reliable. It can query and analyze data such as water consumption and pipe network pressure at each measurement point. Flow data analysis can easily find the leakage of the pipe network. Water flow measurement is not an isolated system in the production and operation environment of water supply enterprises. It is closely related to the production process management, production quality management, production cost accounting, and trade settlement of water supply enterprises. It is based on each other and supports each other. . The system uses advanced and reliable communication network systems (M-BUS, 485 network, wireless GPRS, photoelectric interface, etc.) to achieve data exchange and precise control with field instruments, so that water supply companies can easily grasp the water consumption points in each measurement zone. Flow, pressure, etc.

The composition and working principle of smart water system

The smart water management system consists of a flow meter (smart water meter), a wireless data acquisition remote transmission module, system monitoring software, a server, and a client.

  • 电磁流量计、超声波流量计、电磁水表、超声水表等; Flow meters (intelligent water meters) include: electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, electromagnetic water meters, ultrasonic water meters, etc .;
  • 流量数据采集模块采集现场流量数据,同时将实时数据通过通讯网络传输至服务器系统软件。 Wireless data acquisition and remote transmission module: The traffic data acquisition module collects on-site traffic data and transmits real-time data to the server system software through the communication network.
  • 实时监测和控制现场情况,同时保存实时数据至历史数据库。 System monitoring software: real-time monitoring and control of on-site conditions, while saving real-time data to the historical database.
  • 服务器中完整的历史数据为数据分析、报表生成、贸易结算和成本核算等功能奠定基础 Server: The complete historical data in the server lays the foundation for functions such as data analysis, report generation, trade settlement and cost accounting
  • 客户端电脑通过局域网或Internet网络,可以访问服务器数据,数据查看、现场监控、报表分析等各类功能与服务器操作完全一致。 Client: The client computer can access the server data through the local area network or the Internet. Data viewing, site monitoring, report analysis and other functions are completely consistent with the server operation.

Features of smart water system

The intelligent water management system monitoring system software was developed by Zhejiang Diyuan Instrument Co., Ltd., and it has made extensive innovations in communication methods. This system has powerful functions. In the use process in recent years, we have continuously improved the software based on user feedback. At present, the system software includes almost all functions in traffic monitoring. At the same time, the system has strong compatibility, can be compatible with any instrument with serial communication function, and can develop corresponding special functions according to customer needs.

Real-time data inspection

Real-time monitoring of field instruments to collect data, real-time data display and communication status.

Historical data query

Permanently save historical data, provide data basis for production and operation, and support Excel report export.

Curve trend display

Real-time curve and historical curve, the trend is clear at a glance; multi-user curve query (showing 100 components), support 4 users to query the same parameter curve, click the curve to display the value of the point.

Data report generation

Generate single user, multi-user daily report, monthly report, annual report and other analysis reports, support Excel report export.

Site management functions

Manage traffic network sites, set detailed site technical parameters, and support add, delete, modify, start, and deactivate functions.

Power-down record query

When the measuring point instrument is powered off, the off time can be accurately recorded, and the system will automatically generate related records.

Pipe network pressure monitoring

It can accurately display the pressure value of the pipe network at each measurement point, which is convenient for the central control room to perform regional pressure regulation for each pipeline.

Leakage statistics

Through the analysis of the flow data of the pipe network instrument, it is very convenient to find the leakage phenomenon of the pipe network and automatically add data statistics and analysis.

Wireless GPRS network

With the development and widespread use of mobile communication technology, China Mobile's commercial mobile communication network has become increasingly mature and its network coverage is almost ubiquitous. At present, the GPRS service of China Mobile's commercial mobile communication network has become increasingly mature, and GPRS communication can be carried out by using the ordinary SIM card of the current mobile company. In addition, the GPRS tariff has also been greatly reduced, and the application of data collection using GPRS communication has also become increasingly widespread.

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