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Electromagnetic water meter

High-precision, wide-range measurement, easy installation, IP68 protection design, meet drinking water safety certification

① Low power software and hardware technology ② Sensor self-shrinking technology
Ultrasonic water meter

High accuracy, low starting flow, no pressure loss, wide range ratio; dual and four-channel layout; service life

① Ultra-low limit measurement technology ② Micro power measurement technology ③ High dynamic signal response technology
Automatic zero self-diagnosis electromagnetic flowmeter

32-bit embedded software programming and a new excitation drive circuit with advanced signal processing, high-speed ADC sampling, efficient zero-point correction algorithm, and rich self-diagnostic functions.

① Self-diagnosis and automatic zero point measurement technology ② Low power consumption design technology ③ New excitation drive technology and data sampling technology
Frequency conversion electromagnetic flowmeter

Anti-high-frequency interference new sensor structure design, innovative frequency conversion excitation technology, slurry measurement technology adapted to anti-flow noise

① New sensor structure suitable for slurry and low conductivity measurement ② Intelligent frequency conversion excitation technology and signal processing technology ③ Automatic zero tracking technology
Mode Vortex Flowmeter

Low and low flow rate measurement, excellent vibration resistance, large-diameter pipe measurement can be extended to DN600

① Based on power spectrum filtering technology and anti-vibration algorithm technology ② Temperature and pressure compensation integrated technology ③ Redundant measurement technology ④ On-line disassembly probe technology
Multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter

Two-channel, three-channel layout, high-precision, high-reliability measurement, with multiple communication output functions

① Multi-channel layout and weight correction technology ② High dynamic response data processing and high-frequency signal acquisition technology ③ High-sensitivity ultrasonic probe technology
FH3 version of float meter

Based on embedded software system, rich self-diagnosis technology, temperature and pressure compensation system design, low power design

① Dual sensor detection technology ② Rich self-diagnosis technology ③ Self-stabilization technology

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