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专注流量仪表和控制阀的设计与开发。 Zhejiang Diyuan Instrument Co., Ltd.'s provincial high-tech research and development center focuses on the design and development of flow instruments and control valves.

Since its establishment in 2002, it has undertaken 4 national and more than 20 provincial and ministerial science and technology projects;

Won 1 Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award;

It has obtained 3 invention patents and more than 30 utility model patents, and its product technology level is in a leading position in China.

The center closely follows the forefront technology of the world's flow meters, introduces advanced and mature technologies at home and abroad, and conducts research and development of new products and technologies. The head of the center is a professor-level senior engineer with more than 20 years of professional flow instrument design and development experience in the field of automation instruments and applications. The center is equipped with technical staff such as mechanical design, protection design, circuit hardware design, software design and testing. The center has 6 professional teams, including software room, hardware room, mechanical technology room, test room, Nanjing University academician expert team, and Shanghai University graduate team. In accordance with the product development plan, the Center conducts new product development with clear goals. The developed products such as flow meters are mainly used in petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, thermal power, water treatment and other industries; water meters and Diyuan smart water supply solutions have become the first choice for water markets in various places.

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