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FOX electromagnetic flowmeter

The imported flowmeter YYD-FOX electromagnetic flowmeter introduces the latest technology from the American FOXBORO company and uses the original FOXBORO electromagnetic flow converter, which has superior performance and meets the needs of middle and high-end customers.


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  • FOX electromagnetic flowmeter

Product parameters Technical Parameters Selection table

Product introduction

It adopts IMT25 converter produced by American FOXBORO company to support DY1000 series sensor produced by DIY.

Performance characteristics

Fast response speed and high signal resolution

The overall performance is stable and reliable

Rich self-diagnostic functions

Application Industry

Water and wastewater treatment

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Food and beverage industry

Metallurgical industry

Technical Parameters

Accuracy level: 0.5 level

Measurable flow velocity: 0.1m / s-12m / s

Output: 4-20mA, frequency / pulse

Communication: FOXCOM

Selection table

25 years quality guarantee


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